On Friday, May 20th 2022, FuturDome is pleased to present a concert by Alexander Tillegreen (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1991), a collateral event to the exhibition The Upsweep Paradox, the artist’s first solo exhibition in Italy, curated by Atto Belloli Ardessi, which opened in March and can currently be visited at the museum.

The artist will perform on FuturDome rooftop in a show that presents to the public a wider selection of his sound and music production, already displayed in the exhibition. Specifically, Tillegreen will play live versions of excerpts from his sound installations, including those currently on view at his solo exhibitions at FuturDome and O-Overgaden (Copenhagen), and passages from his first solo album, to be released in 2022 with the iconic German electronic label Raster-Media (formerly known as Raster-Noton, co-founded by artists Olaf Bender and Carsten Nicolai).

Tillegreen’s sound production, both musical and artistic, is immersive, characterized by sounds that take on a sculptural presence within the space, activating a mode of listening that can be experienced physically. The live performance represents, in this perspective, an opportunity to experience how high frequency tensions, heavy bass and psychoacoustic effects generate a highly physical and sensorial experience. During the concert, intense and hypnotic moments, based on complex rhythmic sequences, alternate with delicate, ambient and atmospheric passages, characterized by a sound practice of minimalist attitude.




Collateral event to the exhibition The Upsweep Paradox (March 28th – May 28th, 2022) curated by Atto Belloli Ardessi.

Artist: Alexander Tillegreen (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1991)
Venue: FuturDome. The performance will be held on the rooftop
Address: via Giovanni Paisiello 6, 20131 Milano
Date: Friday, May 20th 2022
Time: 19.30
Entrance: free. Booking is required by email at: futurdome@futurdome.org

Informations: futurdome@futurdome.org
Press Office: Lara Facco, press@larafacco.com, +39 02 36565133; camilla@larafacco.com, +39 366 3947098

Temporary bar THE KVLM will be open on the rooftop for the occasion