A-I-R (artist in residence) project is a program offering private studios and exhibiting spaces to emerging local-international artists/makers on a regular basis.

FuturDome agrees with the invited artists the acquisition of one of the works realized during the residency, for the fundraising of the organization activities.


Residents are expected to:

+  make significant use of their studio/the FD workspace

+  meet with the FD team during the residency

+  host at least one open studio  

+  participate in the FD community

+  conclude the residency by presenting their work to the public (workshops, exhibition, installation, performance, talk, etc.)


Submit a written statement describing how would like to use the time and space of the residency studio. Please include documentation of previous work or a website URL if available; however, the residency proposal will carry more weight than any supplementary materials which are not necessary for a successful application.

Preference will be given to non-students that will make use of the resources specific to FD. Process and experimentation are valued in the selection process and completion of discrete projects or “product creation” need not be emphasized. However, proposals that focus on process and experimentation should clearly state the ideas that will be explored and some concrete steps of that process.

Residents will be selected by a rotating group composed of FD volunteer staff and community representatives. Selected finalists will be asked for an in-person (or video) interview.

Send your application to: residency@futurdome.org