FuturDome is pleased to present The Vacuum Decay, a solo show by Marco Pietracupa, curated by Atto Belloli Ardessi.

The Vacuum Decay is a hypothetical astrophysical condition implying a self-destruction of the universe. FuturDome displays a series of images created by Pietracupa during the first lockdown in March 2020.

The barn of his house, forcibly converted into a photographic set, transforms into a sort of cosmogonic observatory where the decay of the void functions as the activator for a cycle of portraits of his family and close relatives with whom he was ineluctably living with. The faceless bodies, shot in front of a cinematic green screen, lie waiting for the ultimate event, decaying as a generative mass of the vacuum that will annihilate them.



Born in 1967 in Bressanone, Marco Pietracupa is an artist and fashion photographer.

Working between Milan, Paris and London, Pietracupa attended the Italian Institute of Photography. Since the 1990s he has collaborated with leading magazines and fashion brands, while also developing his artistic research, where photography is used as the primary expressive medium.

His artistic work has been presented internationally at institutions such as: Marsèlleria, Milan; Triennale, Milan; Mannerheim Gallery, Paris; Vice Gallery, Milan; Le Dictateur, Milan; Bussiness Gallery, New York; Brownstone Foundation, Paris; Stadgalerie, Brixen; Asni Gallery, Addis Ababa; Museo del Cassero, Monte San Savino; Festung Franzesfest, Brixen; Prisma Gallery, Bolzano; Donne Concept Gallery, Porto Cervo. 

His shots have been published in magazines such as Arena; Dazed and Confused; Hunter; Hercules; Harper’s Bazaar; Vogue; Pop Magazine; Parterre De Rois; Vice.