On Thursday, October 29th from to 9 pm, FuturDome presents the last appointment of Marco Siciliano’s A-I-R FuturDome Artists In Residence program. The month long residency ends with the presentation of three artist books in a limited edition of twenty copies. Siciliano created, printed and bound the works in FuturDome, and they will be available to view and purchase in the FuturMarios space. The three works collect the practices and processes carried out by the artist both inside the building and through external events filtered through the pages assembled by the author. 

Hesitating Malva, is a volume that reveals uncertainty and doubt through an online screen, which stares back at us, just like a face waiting for our instant response.

Effeileur la Marguerite, explores psychosomatic pain in the stomach, expressed through the incessant act of leafing through a roll of pink toilet paper, until the last of its petals gives the coveted response on one’s love.

5:20 H, is a journey inside the empty exhibition spaces of FuturDome. The artist’s body begins to self-identify in the architectural space, changing along with it as the light alters the inside spaces. During the opening it will be possible to visit the artist’s studio set up with a selection of past works as well as new ones created during  the residency in the building in via Paisiello.

Marco Siciliano was born in Caltagirone in 1991. He lives and works in Berlin. He graduated in Interior Design from the Politecnico di Milano. Currently, he is a student of Monica Bonvicini’s Sculpture Class at UDK, Universität der Künste in Berlin. In 2018, his first exhibition was presented at FuturDome. In 2020 he held shows at the Edicola Radetzky and Fabbrica del Vapore, both in Milan. His artist books have been presented during the AssBookFair at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and at Sprint Milano. His prints in limited editions are available at Printed Matters Inc. in New York and Voostore in Berlin.
Space takes an important role inside of his practice, by establishing coordinates in which bodies appear in intimate settings or unknown landscapes; they hide and break apart while we observe their slow disbandment.

In September 2020 FuturDome and MARIOS presented FuturMARIOS: a collaboration with the fashion and art collective founded in 2001. MARIOS became the new permanent resident of FutuDome showing a selection of carry overs and single pieces, iconic models of their 20 year long production and experimentation on functionality and aesthetics in the indefinite environments of the liberty-style building in via Paisiello.
FuturMARIOS project is imagined as an extension of FuturDome. Fostering creative exchanges between artists, creators and visitors on the daily, this collaboration is dedicated to interpreting contemporary culture.

A special thanks to Etiqube